3D Modeling,
Motion Graphics,
2D flash animation,
Special FX

The founders of NEEZO liked animation and effects so much as little kids, they eventually made it their business. And now NEEZO creates 2D and 3D animation,visual effects, and motion graphics for television, film, corporate functions, and more. We use creative concepts, characters, and plots, and bring stories to life as often as we can.
We start with illustrations that bring characters to life, followed by storyboards that bring plots to life, and then animation that pulls it all together to bring the entire scene to life. There's nothing that can't be thought up, and nothing that can't be explored.
In today's world, 2D and 3D animation keep our kids, both young and old entertained and delighted in the escape of fantasy worlds.
Our ability to create quality, realistic visual effects also allows us to reach out and pull audiences into whichever film, show, or presentation they're a part of and watching.